Ready to Take the Leap?

Hey, brilliant womxn. Have you found yourself on the brink?

Have you come to that moment we all dread, where you wake up and ask “How is this my life?

Whether you are careening toward a crisis of career, family, health, spirit or all of the above, chances are you are also teetering on the edge of something magical. 

My unique brand of transformational coaching is designed to clear all the blocks that are keeping you from You, and to support you in creating a new way of BEing. 

I know it can feel like every path is a dead end (if you can even see a path right now), but you are standing on fertile ground, my friend. The brink is the perfect precipice from which to leap into The Life Sublime


Pathways to


Coaching & Hypnotherapy Packages

  Customize your path by working with me 1:1!

We will design a course of BEing that leads to what is possible for your truest Self.

Healing patterns of chronic stress is central to all of my work, and packages can include combinations of transformational coaching, hypnotherapy, habits of yoga and ayurveda, meditation and breathwork. 

Individual work can stand on its own, or be a great way to prepare for or stay connected after a group program. 

Packages vary in time, intensity, and focus depending on your needs.

Set up a time to have tea with me, and we can decide if 1:1 coaching is the right path for you right now. 



“Taking the leap involves making a commitment to ourselves and to the earth itself—making a commitment…to not cling to our fears.” Pema Chodron



The Sublime Life Experience

Group Intensive

This 11-week group program is designed to support participants in creating practices and habits that sustain all 4 pillars of The Life Sublime: Lasting Peace, Vibrant Health, Deep Connection and Magical Moments.

Through a combination of online coursework, weekly group coaching sessions, live lessons, and yes, the occasional pop-up dance party, participants can expect to:

-Feel more present

-Be supported by and deeply connected to a group of likeminded womxn

-Heal patterns of chronic stress

-Experience a sense of sovereignty and connection in one’s body

-Cultivate true self-compassion


“None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.” Mother Teresa

I want to hear your truth...

A Calm Nervous System is Key to Accessing What's Possible

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Individualized Self-Care is the Foundation

of Vibrant Health

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